We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

  • Sallie Marti

    Everything Allnutt did for the family was superior in every way. Julieen, Kharen, and Corey all went out of their way to assist me with the entire process. There is absolute love and caring expressed to the family by every staff member. An additional service provided by Corey was extremely helpful in closing personal accounts. Expressly want to thank Gery, Noreen and Glenda for giving up their Sunday to help. Read more

  • Tracy Belk

    We received superior service from beginning to end and even after the funeral! Rick, Karen and Noreen are kind and caring people. Rick took time with us. He was patient and listened to our needs. We so appreciated Noreen being at my dad's viewing and funeral as she knew my parents. That was a special touch of love provided to our family and was greatly appreciated!! Read more

  • Roger Terwilliger

    Everything Allnutt did exceeded my expectations. Adam was exceptional in every way. They handled things like a true professional. Thank you. Read more

  • Francis Callahan

    The service you provided were excellent! Adam was professional and responsive to all our needs. The chapel was lovely. Thank you. Read more

  • Holy May

    Details were well-attended and staff responded to anticipated needs in a highly professional manner. Julieen managed the majority of the arrangements but I also had positive contact with other team members. Thank you for the caring and personal approach, no focus on selling product. Read more

  • Cheryl Szydlo

    Bill Smith treated my family as 'family'. He is warm, caring, friendly and helpful balanced with efficient professionalism. Thank you Bill! I appreciate your help through this difficult time. Read more

  • Therese Offineer

    Everyone at Allnutt has always been kind as well as professional. They demonstrate that their profession is not just a job. The services were well thought out, very helpful, very efficient with no mis-steps. We and my mom were well-cared for. You all were great. We felt the feeling like we did it all the right way for our mom and for our dad the year before. You all do a great job on helping your clients - it's more than a job and we could feel that. Thank you! Read more

  • Mary Kelly

    We were very pleased with the promptness of the service provided to us. The aftercare program was especially helpful. Thank you. Read more

  • Fumiyo Hottle

    The staff is very nice and took great care of us. Adam was so helpful with everything,. All my questions were answered quickly and they did everything to keep us comfortable. Thank you. Read more

  • Laura Sue Sullivan

    My family has used Allnutt service for generations and the comfort and help with final arrangements was a blessing. What meant the most to us was the comfort and understanding of all we can into contact with. The DVD was also a comfort. My thanks to all for considering our loss as a special part of our lives. Read more

  • Libby Rehm

    Everything was top rate from the initial contact through final billings, everyone was absolutely superior. Connie and Justin, always helped, compassionate, diplomatic. Love, love, love all of you from front desk to kitchen angels. Read more

  • Shell Wegner

    I just thought everything was handled in a very professional manner. Justin and Connie are wonderful people. Everything went so well at the service. The attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Thank you. Read more

  • Ruth Hildenbrandt

    Julieen knew our concerns before we told them. She is extremely professional and helpful. An exceptional person. The funeral home met all our needs. The driver was outstanding, friendly and helpful. Julieen took care of some things I didn't even think about. The theme of the programs was very special. She knew my husband liked to fish. The programs reflected that and I didn't even ask them for it. Read more

  • Jean Gumina

    Bill took time with me during a painful time and if he does that with everyone, he is a saint. The facilities are very professional looking yet comfortable. Everything was taken care of for me. Read more

  • Heidi Price

    The service and compassion by all staff was exceptional. Justin - his professionalism was outstanding. His compassion and kindness were exemplary. He is a genuine human being who is truly an asset and made the process flow smoothly. Connie - her professionalism and compassion were above and beyond all expectations. She is a wonderful human being who brightened even the darkest days as I walked through the doors. Ken - He was also very professional and compassionate. He even went above and beyond when I showed up after hours on a Saturday. Mike - he has been extraordinarily helpful in helping me to get my father's estate in order. Mike is very knowledgeable , professional and a compassionate person. For all others that I did not have direct contact with - I appreciate you as well. You all do a wonderful job. I have told and will continue to tell people about your funeral home an the level of quality that I and my family received form you. Thank you to all from the bottom of my heart. You all are fabulous. Read more

  • Shauna Mahan Johnson

    The staff at Allnutt in Loveland will always hold a special place in my heart. When my husband and I were blind sided with the passing of our first baby, we were not prepared to plan a funeral. Adam stepped in, and made planning our daughter's funeral seamless. He made us feel comfortable leaving our daughter in his hands. I knew he would treat her as if she was his own. It's been almost 5 years since my daughter passed away, and I have ran into Adam a couple of times since then. Each time he has given me a hug, speaks my daughter's name, and told me he never forgets. As a mother, it warms my heart to know that we were in such good hands. I recommend Allnutt to anyone who is looking for compassionate people to take care of their loved ones who have passed. Read more

  • Janet

    Dear Bill, Thank you for this and the beautiful pictures. I'm so glad we decided to have the service in spite of my dad telling us not to. Stubborn ole' man - ha! Let me know what address I should send a check to for the urn. I absolutely love it - the eagle is perfect for my dad! Thank you for all you did. You are amazing! Read more

  • Gayle - Estes Park

    "Thank you" is so inadequate in this case, but I don't know what else to say. Your staff is the best. I have no clue as to what each one does, but as a team I know you are great. Read more

  • Niki and Ron

    Rick and Staff, Your professionalism and compassion are top-notch. The personal touches you brought to Mom's celebration were above and beyond. Thank you so very much. Read more

  • Chase Hansen

    Dear Mr. Smith and Allnutt Family ~ It sure has been a crazy few weeks with finals, graduation and beginning summer work. I’m sorry I am a bit slow on getting out a BIG THANK YOU to you for awarding me a $1000 scholarship, to pursue my education in the field of animation. I plan to attend AIMS in the fall. Then when I finish the basic classes required of me, I can enroll in some animation courses. I plan to possibly transfer to BYU, in Provo Utah, to complete a degree in that field. I have heard that Pixar hires many graduates from BYU. MY ultimate goal would able to work for Disney someday. Your generous scholarship will help me pave the way to my dream of animating a Disney movie, and for that, I can’t thank you enough. Read more

  • Cartwright Family

    Dear Friends, Harold and I are in awe of your love and compassion towards us during this hard time. Allowing us to use Jack's Place has been such a blessing. The atmosphere in the home was so comforting. Thank you for letting us relax and enjoy God's presence while in Colorado. Read more

  • Kelly Kimbrel

    Thank you to the entire staff and especially Justin for taking such good care of my grandmother and our family during our time of loss! Your kind and compassionate words resonated deeply and we will never forget this. Read more

  • Tree of Lights

    As published in the Loveland, Reporter Herald - This is to thank Allnutt for the beautiful tree show that they had last night. This is the first year I have attended due to the fact I lost my husband last year. They did a beautiful job. Thank you. Allnutt. Read more

  • Roger and Betsy Leverton

    Bill, Roger and I thank you very much for the laminated copy of the article in the newspaper about our winning the Hartzog award in Rocky Mountain National Park. That was most kind of you, and we greatly appreciate it. We were extremely surprised and honored. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness. Read more

  • Regina Loustalet

    My mother-in-law had her funeral service in your home last week. Frances Loustalet. I just wanted to thank you for making the day easier to get through. The staff was wonderful. In a time where general society lacks compassion, your staff was compassionate and that really meant a lot to me. Thank you so much for that. The young man who sang the hymns was phenomenal. I love these old songs and he sang them perfectly. The kitchen angels also did a great job. The food prepared was just enough to get me through until leaving the cemetery. I am sure we will be back to your facility, but the next time, I won't be as anxious. Thank you so much. Read more

  • Connie and Tracy Geipel

    To Everyone at Allnutt, We are so appreciative of all you have done to help us navigate through the necessary tasks following the passing of our dear Horst. It is a comfort knowing we could rely on you. Your kindness toward us and dedication to your profession have left us extremely impressed. Read more

  • Ally - RN D ON - Front Range Hospice

    August 25, 2014

    I recently attended a death at a private home in Loveland. Your 2 female staff were courteous and kind. In addition-the patient who was a veteran was provided a Flag draped over his body as he left his home for the last time. We were all very moved. Truly above and beyond. Read more

  • Jean Cannon, Aspen House

    Rick: This morning Adam (and someone else) came to get Mrs. Evelyn Tamlin. Adam spoke with Mrs. Tamlin's daughter and used the expression "after we take her into our care". The daughter commented to me that those words were comforting to her and what a nice thing to say. After Adam left, one of Mrs. Tamlin's care givers came to me to tell me how much she appreciates Allnutt and the manner in which you all care for our residents. As you know, we have had many of our residents pass and we have had contact with various funeral homes. This care giver wanted me to share her appreciation for your staff. She said that Allnutt is ALWAYS incredibly respectful and kind....which means a lot to all of us. When a resident passes away, it's sad for my staff--they love and care for the resident and expect that everyone should be as kind and respectful as they are. Allnutt employees are really the only ones who fit that bill. Not only do you use the quilt to cover the resident, but the care giver even commented to me how respectful Adam was but that he also made up the bed before he left. Your staff ALWAYS makes a positive impression on us and we all truly appreciate the care they provide to our residents! Thank you, Read more

  • Shelley Harr

    I want to thank Will for his caring and professional manner while helping me plan Sandy Bristoll's funeral. Also Penny's help was invaluable to me in dealing with many aspects of her estate. At such a very difficult time, all your staff was always kind and I really appreciated all of you. Read more

  • Rachel LaFollette

    I recently had a miscarriage, and called because I was looking for cremation services. Even thinking about approving the hospital to "dispose" of our baby's remains made me feel like a terrible human being. I called a couple weeks ago asking about cost of cremation and Sarah let me know you would be willing to do it for no charge - which was incredibly generous. That, combined with your team's efficiency and unending kindness, made the whole experience much less stressful for us. It made a real difference. My uncle is 7th generation owner of a mortuary in Southern California. Because of the distance, my involvement in the business is limited to interior design, branding and marketing - but I know being in this industry can be taxing. I wanted to say THANK YOU to you and your team for everything you do. Every employee, specifically Sarah, I came in contact with was absolutely wonderful. Please extend my gratitude. We'll certainly keep you in mind for future needs. I left a positive review on your Google+ page, which I hope will help bring you business. Read more

  • Wanda Wire

    Rick and Staff, Our family is grateful that Morris's funeral was so beautiful! The guys from the VFW post 2121 gave my husband the Honor he so deserved. Every detail happened just as God wanted. I am thankful to call Allnutt and staff friends. Read more

  • Reid Godbolt

    Bill, Thank you for all of your help with my father’s memorial mass. The family is very appreciative of all of your efforts. Your bringing up my dad’s body from Loveland for my mother to view in spite of the washed out highways was above and beyond what any of us expected. Read more