History and Staff

We have years and years of experience caring for families. Each family comes to us because they know we are dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our Valued Staff

  • Rick  Allnutt

    Rick Allnutt

  • Bill  Allnutt

    Bill Allnutt

  • Adam Findley

    Adam Findley, General Manager

  • Patricia  Tessari

    Patricia Tessari, Administrative Assistant

  • Bill  Smith

    Bill Smith, Location Manager

  • Michael  Puckett

    Michael Puckett, Location Manager

  • Will Benich

    Will Benich, Funeral Director

  • Julieen  Burnham

    Julieen Burnham, Funeral Director

  • Eric  Scott

    Eric Scott, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Jen Rothfuss

    Jen Rothfuss, Crematory Operator

  • Connie  Giles

    Connie Giles, Office Manager

  • Kharen  Spence

    Kharen Spence, Office Manager

  • Megan  South

    Megan South, Business Support Administrator

  • Nick  Bakovich

    Nick Bakovich, Embalmer

  • Emily  Kane

    Emily Kane, Removal Technician

  • Debra  Pringle

    Debra Pringle, Support Staff

  • Linda Gallup

    Linda Gallup, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Bob  Powell

    Bob Powell, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Trish Murphy

    Trish Murphy, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Carolyn  Goodall

    Carolyn Goodall, Funeral Service Assistant

  • John  Bergquist

    John Bergquist, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Christy  Case-French

    Christy Case-French, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Nikki Johnson

    Nikki Johnson, Funeral Director

  • Mike  Demma

    Mike Demma, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Peter Johansen

    Peter Johansen, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Mike Rosales

    Mike Rosales, Funeral Service Assistant

  • John  Stuart

    John Stuart, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Leslie Feeney

    Leslie Feeney, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Jan Alexander

    Jan Alexander, Support Staff

  • Lori Rehm

    Lori Rehm, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Noreen  Kenyon

    Noreen Kenyon, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Pat  Newsom

    Pat Newsom, Support Staff

  • Bill  Ross

    Bill Ross, Support Staff

  • Caroline  Yonker

    Caroline Yonker, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Kathy Fahrenbruck

    Kathy Fahrenbruck, Funeral Service Assistant

  • Jan  Carlson

    Jan Carlson, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Joan Demma

    Joan Demma, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Ellen  Elliott

    Ellen Elliott, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Patti Irving

    Patti Irving, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Sandy  Kinard

    Sandy Kinard, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Joyce  Metcalf

    Joyce Metcalf, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Beth McLaughlin

    Beth McLaughlin, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Gerry  Scheidt

    Gerry Scheidt, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Miki Johansen

    Miki Johansen, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Connie Bopp

    Connie Bopp, Field Operations Support Assistant

  • Bonnie  Jacobsen

    Bonnie Jacobsen, Housekeeper