What you need to know about Cremation

We believe at Allnutt that you should have the best information about Northern Colorado Cremations. 


Positives of Cremation

Cremation is actually the preferred method of many nations across the globe. It has also been defined around the 1800s so it is a long standing practice.

Choosing a burial process can be complicated and it doesn't need to be. That is why we are going to show you the positives of cremation:  

  • Easy - Well no burial method is easy to choose our Northern Colorado team can complete the process fast within signing the necessary paperwork making the process as simple as possible.

  • Able to Flex - With the cremation finished you don't need to hurry to get a funeral or memorial together. This helps friends and family who are far away get to the service as you can give them a perfect heads up.

  • Perfect Plan - This allows you to plan the perfect remembrance service as normally you would have days and now you can plan for weeks and even months after. Allowing your family and you to honor them as you see fit.  

  • Financial Costs - Most people choose cremation because it cost nowhere near how much a traditional burial would cost. We understand people can't always afford other burial methods and this is the most frugal way to go about burial methods.


What we willl ask you?

What urn should you get for your loved one? 

Who will perform the cremation?

What type of memorial will you have for your loved one?

What will you do with remains after?

What is next?

Deciding what happens to the remains of your loved one is up to you and your family. Most people may keep the urn at home or will decide to spread the remains everywhere.

Our planners at Allnutt can advise you on ways on where to spread cremated remains. Including anything from glass to even being a tree. Memorials we've heard of are loved ones spreading them over their favorite lake or even at a spot that was special to them.

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