Important Info on Cremation

Choosing a burial method of your loved one is important. That is why we at Allnut are providing some light to cremation and all it entails.


Benefits of Cremation? 

Cremation has been around since the 1800s and is actually the preferred method of most countries around the world. 

The burial process can be complicated and sometimes even stressful. Any type of burial is a very personal choice and well show you the positives of Cremation:  

  • Simple Simple Simple - This burial method is so simple that our Loveland cremation team can complete the process fast within signing the necessary paperwork.

  • Adjustable - Once you have done the cremation you can do the memorial service at anytime. Which gives a heads up to friends and family which other wise couldn't make it. 

  • The Memorial they Deserve - You can plan for weeks and even months after so you can give your loved one the memorial they deserve. Giving family and friends a chance to honor them with music, photos, and videos.

  • Costs - Probably the biggest reason most people choose cremation. Cremation alone without burial or a funeral service can cost just a fraction of these traditional burials can cost. We also suggest that you do have a memorial as the value of bringing loved ones together exceeds the costs. 


Questions you will be asked?

What type of urn should you get? 

Who will perform the cremation on your loved one?

What type of memorial will you have?

What will you do with your loved ones remains after?

now what happens?

Deciding what to do with the remains of your loved ones is a personal choice and should matter to you. Usually people will keep the urn forever or will scatter the remains.

In Loveland our funeral planners can advise you on ways on where to scatter cremated remains. Including anything ranging from jewlery to even a tree. Ceremonies we've heard of are people spreading them over the pacific ocean or even took them to the place they were the most happiest.

Need More Information on Cremation? Our Fort Collins professional funeral planner will help to answer any questions you have. Contact us here now!