Info on Cremation

Why choose cremation? What questions will you be asked if you decide cremation? What happens after the ceremony?


WHy folks choose cremation?

It is the preferred method of caring for loved ones in many parts of the world. It has formally been around since the 1800s. 

Many families choose this method as they believe they are making the right choice. Choosing any burial is a very personal matter. We show you some benefits of cremation:  

  • Simple Process - Cremation is the simplest burial process. The process can be complete after finishing the necessary documents.  
  • Able to be Flexible - With Cremation a memorial service can be done at any time. Making it far more convenient than a traditionally funeral as you are rushed to get everything done within a week or two.
  • Commemorate a Loved One Fully - With the method of cremation you now have the option to plan for weeks and even months after. Giving you more time to honor your loved one the right way without being rushed. 

  • Fiscal Challenges - Cost is always a factor as a traditional burial you can spend money that you may not have. Cremation without a memorial or funeral service can be way cheaper and depending on your situation. 


What questions will i be asked?

What urn should you buy and what type? 

Who will be perform the cremation?

What ceremony or memorial will you have?

What will happen with the cremated remains?

After cremation and CEREMONY?

Scattering ceremonies usually take place as well and the family can decide to keep the urn after it is all done.

Our Allnutt Directors at Greeley can suggest you on all kinds of ways to memorialize your loved one using cremated remains. Including anything ranging from jewelry to even glass. Stories of scattering ceremonies we've hard of people scattering the remains over the pacific ocean or took them to maybe their favorite country or place.  

Need More Information today? Our professional funeral planner at Allnutt will help to answer any questions you have. Contact us here.