We will try to answer any question you have on Fort Collin's cremations down below..


Choosing Cremation?

Being the preferred type of method for loved ones across the whole world. Cremations have been around since the 1800s and is growing more and more. 

Families choose this method because the deceased has stated or the family chooses. Deciding what to choose for your family is personal. Here are reasons that families choose cremation:  

  • Simpler the Better - Cremation is a quicker burial process. After signing certain paperwork we can complete the process fairly quickly.

  • Time to Heal- Cremation for a memorial service can be done at any time. Making it far more convenient than a normal funeral as you are try to get everything accomplished within a week or two.

  • Honor a Loved One Fully - This method allows you the option to plan for weeks and even months after. Giving you the necessary length you need to honor your loved one the right way.

  • Fiscal Challenges - Many people would like to put on a full ceremonial but it would cost far more than what you may be able to afford. Cremation alone by itself would be a fraction of what a whole burial process would cost and way more affordable.  


What We will ask you?

What should you buy to put remains of your loved one in?

Who executes the cremation?

Will you have a memorial service?

What will you do with your loved one's remains?

after it's all over?

Everyone is different when they decide what to do with the remains of loved ones.  Some keep the urn inside their homes well others have a private scattering. 

In Fort Collins our directors can suggest you on all kinds of ways on how to scatter cremated remains. Including anything ranging from trinkets to even glass structures.  We've heard of loved ones scattering the remains over the Atlantic ocean or took them to a special place where you and your loved on bonded together such as a fishing lake or favorite meeting area. 

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